Parents may check out any of the listed videos, books or audio tapes to use individually in their own home. Parents will do this by contacting their Family Case Manager. Please see the Resource Library Catalog in the Parent Resource Center at the Head Start Center for more information.


Parenting Children with Special Needs

Parents’ View of Living with A Child With Disabilities

Child Safety At Home

First Aid

Smart Cookies Don’t Crumble

Time Out

The Guide To A Healthier Diet

Take It Off!

Single Parenting

1-2-3 Magic

For Dads Only

Fathers Matter

DAD Difference

Young Men as Fathers
All About Attention Deficit Disorder – Part 1

All About Attention Deficit Disorder – Part 2

Fun To Be Four

Social Development of Children

Emerging Communication Skills

Emotional Development of Children

10 Ways To Be A Better Parent

Baby Care Basics

Stuttering and Your Child

What Do I Do When?

Lice Are Not Nice

Dental Care for Kids

Recognizing Children with Special Needs
*Learn More About Confidence and Love

*Learn More About Thankfulness and Gentleness

*Learn More About Honesty and Responsibility

*Learn More About Politeness and Joy

*Learn More About Obedience and Self Control

*Sesame Street Visits the Hospital
   *These tapes are for the child with adult interaction – all others are for adults


How To Build High Self-Esteem

How To Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

How To Manage Priorities And Meet Deadlines

How To Supervise People
Stress Management For Women

The Confident Woman

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


A Practical Guide To Solving Preschool Behavior Problems

A Very Practical Guide To Discipline With Young Children

Disciplining Your Preschooler

Good Kids, Bad Behavior

Positive Discipline For Single Parents

Ages and Stages

Boys Will Be BoysDo I Have A Daddy?

Games To Play With Two Year Olds

Getting Your Child To Sleep….And Back To Sleep

Home Centered Care

Parenting A Path Through Childhood
Parents Are Teachers

Playtime Learning Games For Young Children

Practical Solutions To Practically Every Problem

Teachables From Trash

Teachables II

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

Welcoming Your Second Baby

The Christmas Craft Book

The Easter Craft Book

The Harvest Craft Book

A Parent’s Guide to Early Childhood Education

How to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children